Blondes vs Brunettes

by: Rebecca Neal, Olivia Marshall, Kalli Thueson

The battle between blondes and brunettes will probably never end. The stereotype of being a dumb blonde can be an obvious disadvantage.

Blondes are often cast as dumb, fun, and sexy, with nicknames of ‘blonde bombshell’ or ‘dumb blonde’, while brunettes are seen as smart and boring. The stereotype is applied to males too as ‘dumb jocks’ or ‘surfer dudes’.

The ‘blonde’ stereotype seems to have come from Marilyn Monroe, who was portrayed as a dumb, sexy, fun blonde in her first hit Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and was kept in that role for most of her movie star career. Following Monroe the trend started – blonde is beautiful, blonde is better, and blondes have more fun being the popular opinion.

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? The answer is yes according to Sophomore Brigham Castillow.

“I prefer blondes cause they’re a little more edgy and sexy.” Castillow said.

Some see the stereotype is an advantage. Blondes might seem more attractive, or be given the benefit of the doubt when they’re ‘having fun’.

“Most of the time it’s an advantage. You can get away with more.” Mrs. Jackson said.

Blondes are seen as less intelligent and relying on looks instead. But where does the stereotype come from?

“Because in the movies blondes are stupid, stereotypical.” Ashley Fisher, a blonde said.

“It’s like any other stereotype. People don’t inform themselves and it’s just been passed down from generation to generation and then they just automatically believe it.” Mrs. Wetzel, a brunette said.

We shouldn’t be labeled or judged by our hair color. Blondes vs. Brunettes is just another stereotype, and is often negative.

“I think it’s ridiculous. Why compare people? We’re all just awesome people. No matter if you’re blonde or brunette or black, whatever! Why do we have to be characterized as blondes versus brunettes?” says Mrs. Jackson, a blonde.



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