Thanksgiving brings new traditions and friends together

Thanksgiving is a time where you spend time with family, eat, and realize how many things we are blessed with to be thankful for. Many people have family traditions and special activities that they do on thanksgiving.


“On Thanksgiving evening we make a paper chain, everybody fills out a link and writes down what they are thankful for that year, we read them as a family and link them all together with the chain from years before.” Mrs. Miller said.


Food is also a major part of Thanksgiving, people spend days planning the perfect dinner, a lot of money on ingredients, and hours cooking it. With all the different food options there is something for everyone. Even people who are vegan can eat delicious food.


 “I like eating stuffing. I used to like eating turkey, but I’m vegan now,” Ozzy Niederer said.


“Pumpkin pie always, turkey, It’s my favorite meal of the whole year, so everything, turkey, stuffing, of course, all the good stuff,” Miller said.


Mrs. Miller’s family also has a tradition where they go into the woods and cut down their christmas tree the day after thanksgiving.

Foreign exchange students get to experience Thanksgiving in an all new environment. Nils Wortmann, coming from Germany, will experience Thanksgiving traditions for the first time here in America. What he is looking forward for most at his first thanksgiving here in the U.S, is the food.

“I have heard that there is a lot of food,”  Wortmann said.



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