MAPS Presents “Crazy For You”

by: Nathan Powell, Isaac Williams and Lynn Hall

photo by: Lynn Hall

Madison Avenue Players present “Crazy For You,” a new Gershwin musical featuring exciting music, funny lines, and spicy romance!

Mr. Hibbard, who directs the play, explains the characters.

“It’s the story of Bobby Child, a rich banker, who’d rather be a dancer on Broadway in the Zangler Follies. He is surrounded by two women who are trying to control his life: his mother, Lottie; and his five-year finance, Irene. When he arrives [in Deadrock, Nevada], he meets Polly Baker. It’s basically love at first sight.” Mr. Hibbard said.

MHS Crazy For You Poster by: MHS

MHS Crazy For You Poster
by: MHS

The cast of Crazy For You includes Zach Winn as Bobby Child, Annabelle Hibbard as Polly Baker, Hannah Gardner as Lottie Child, Anna Chapman as Irene Roth, Braxton Rasmussen as Lank Hawkins, and many more!

“[Polly Baker] is a rough and tough cowgirl from the Nevada west area and she is the only girl in Nevada, she’s been around lots of men before and I kind of have; I have brothers.” Annabelle said.

The tech crew also plays an important role in bringing the show to life. They need to be ready for their cues at a moment’s notice. They aren’t often seen in the production of the play, but they are vital to the production.

Senior Madelynn Parkinson is one of the “techies” working backstage.

“We make sure that the actors have all their props when they need them, and we help move the set pieces, we make sure everything is done and what I’m told to do, I have to do it right, and make sure that it goes well.” Parkinson said.

The pit orchestra provides all of the live music for the production. They play many styles of music in order to create different moods for the story.

Bassist, Calvin Fay, talks about The music for this year’s production.

“We provide the music. It’s a pretty big chunk of the musical… We (the orchestra and cast) need to really be in sync. ” Fay said

“Crazy For You” opens this Thursday, November 10th at

7:00PM at the Madison Performing Arts Center, and continues on Friday and Saturday.  The musical closes on Monday, the 14th. Tickets are $4. For more information or to buy your tickets early visit


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