Study Tips 101

By: Haylie Brown, Kenzie Fuller and Julianna Short

With finals week right around the corner, you might be stressing about how you are going to recall information long forgotten.  After hours of study attempts, Netflix seems like your last resort.  At MHS, many counselors and teachers are willing to help ease your study anxiety so you can pass the final exams.

Mr. Call, the Biology and Technology teacher has told his students how to retain information in the smartest ways.  

“Think of if you were the teacher, what kind of questions would I write, not just a memorize and  recall. Think of ways to make a question which applies to the situation.”

Mrs. Palmer, one of our math teachers added to Mr. Call’s tips.  

“You should ask questions, ask for clarification.”

English teacher, Mrs. Miller follows a pattern of studying then taking small breaks repeatedly.  

The time of day you study might even help.

“Study before you go to bed and sleep on it.  In the morning you will be surprised what you remember!”

Mr. Jones, an MHS counselor, told us to find out what benefits you the most while studying.  Discover how you learn and remember, and build upon it.  With that, he gave us his favorite way to absorb all important info.  

“Make the connections of why do I need to know this.  Think past the assignment and focus on how you are going to use the information later on in life.  Visualize what you will be doing with the information.”

Here is an extended list of study tips from our amazing teachers:

  • Sit in an uncomfortable chair by a table, instead of  comfy chair.
  • When making flashcards, and images to relate the words to something
  • Study with friends, but keep it down to 20 or 30 minutes
  • Drink water and keep hydrated
  • Don’t study super late at night when you are falling asleep
  • Stay current in you classes
  • Read through the whole test before you start, question seven might answer question one
  • Only read a textbook once, and take notes to refer back to
  • Do your homework



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