The Key to Sucess

by: Kalli Thueson

Key Club is an amazing club that gets you involved with both the school and the community.

The president of Key Club, senior, Dallon Miskin and Mrs. Cotter, the advisor, explain a little bit about key club and how it is great to get everyone together to go out and serve the community.

“Key Club is an organization in our school that promotes serving the school itself and the community.” Miskin said.

We can all use a little bit more service this will look great for many things such as college. Key club is a National program that gets high school student involved.

“We do a lot in Key club like we are putting on a trick or treat donation for those that need help and those that live in a different country. We also help out with teacher appreciation week and we will have a few other activities we help with.” Misken said.

Mrs. Cotter has been apart of key club for a couple of years now. She explains that some might feel like they want to make a difference but don’t know how so Key club is a wonderful way to get started.

“Key Club was started many years back when a group or people wanted to make a difference. I was in key club back in high school and now I have been the advisor for two years now.” Cotter said.

If you want to make a difference you should really look into key club. This is a easy way to help improve your school and community.


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