The Spirit of Halloween

By Julianna Short and Haylie Brown

With Halloween right around the corner,  many students have different views on the importance of this holiday.  The decision to dress up or trick or treat may seem small for some MHS students, but is seen as a big ordeal to others.

To Sophomore Sarah Gentile, Trick-or-treating isn’t just for younger kids.  After asking her if she still Trick-or-treated, She responded, “ Forever and Always.”

“ “[Trick-or-treating] is fun and keeps the spirit of Halloween,”  Gentile said.

This “spirit of halloween” is still present in Junior Jacob Cannon as well.  He has dressed up every year, always trying to make his costumes more bizarre.  As people grow older, trick-or-treating is frowned upon, but Cannon believes otherwise.

“I think it means [the college students] have more creative and enjoyable personalities,” He said

For other MHS students, Halloween is seen as just another fun holiday.  Senior Kianna Allen still enjoys dressing up, but instead of gathering bags of candy for herself, she takes younger kids trick-or-treating.

“I stopped trick-or-treating two years ago, when I was a sophomore.  Instead I take the little kids out,” She said.

For any Halloween lover or hater Gentile gave us one last word of advice,

“Live your dream, and go trick-or-treating!”



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