Church VS State

By Makenzie Fuller, Sommer Waldron. and Brooklyn Niederer


The separation of Church and State becomes hazy as college football begins. Brigham Young University, also called BYU is a Latter Day Saint College, and Boise State University, also called BSU, is an Idahoan college. This being a heavily LDS populated community in Idaho, both teams are favorite in Rexburg. With split opinions, MHS students and teachers alike have their own unique opinion on Thursday’s game. Here are several people’s predictions.

Sam Chambers, a dedicated BYU fan, predicts Boise State will win the coin flip and the final score will be 34-28 BYU.

“I want BYU to win but I think Boise will win, they are undefeated and BYU is not. [I predict] that Boise State will win the coin flip and the final score will be 28-24 Boise,” said Senior Cameron Thueson, a strong BYU fan.

“Boise State will win, the whole team is a lot more mature and better than BYU. [I predict] that BYU will win the coin flip because they haven’t had any luck this season so maybe this time,” said Juinor Kade Godfrey, a BSU fan.

“Their running back [Jeremy] McNichols is a super good running back and he is just phenomenal. I don’t know who will win, I don’t think it’s going to be a blow out cause BYU is a pretty good team,” said Senior Zeke Birch, a hardcore BSU fan who earned a scholarship to Boise State for football.


The students aren’t the only people at Madison that get excited for the BSU vs. BYU game. Mr. Ingram (BYU) and Mr. Reeser (BSU) also get there blood pumping for this excited game. Ingram and Reeser both explained that they graduated from the schools they are routing for. Through the teachers arguing over which team was better and Ingram using all different kinds of stats of why BYU, Reeser finally said, “I think BYU will win the coin flip and then they’ll probably defer it cause they’ll want the offense on the second half.” Ingram then happily agreed on Reeser’s comment and bother were thrilled! Ingram predicted the score to be 28-21 BYU. Reeser predicted the score 35-29 Boise State. Watch below for the full interview! Good luck to both BYU and Boise State. Go Broncos! Go Cougars!



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