101 on State: Here’s what you need to know about boys State Football

by: Kalli Thueson, Rebecca Neal, and Olivia Marshall

In the East Conference we play only five teams instead of six, already giving us the advantage in getting to state. Three schools out of five make it to the state playoffs, giving us a 60 percent chance, 10 percent more than other conference’s. By winning the Bonneville game last Friday, Madison is guaranteed the second seed at state out of the three.

The football team prepares for the games by studying their opponents before they play them, a tactic that helped them win against Bonneville.

“We watched film on them, we watched our game against Highland where we didn’t play very well and we saw the little mistakes we made, and we improved those little things that we didn’t do very well.” Junior Blake Moseley said.

The win against Bonneville was essential for Madison to go to state.

“The worst we can do if we beat Bonneville is the second seed, the worst we can do if we lose to Bonneville is the three seed, so we’re in the playoffs no matter what,” Wills said.

“Bonneville [was] a must win. We kinda control our own destiny. [Since] we won, we are in the playoffs.  If we had lost, it’d just [be] a mess.” Coach Klassen said.

With the great win, Madison will continue on to play other teams from different conferences.

“[Because] we are number two, then we will host number three from the West, which is most likely going to be Meridian. If we win that game we will  most likely travel to Mountain View. If we win that game we will play number one from the north for the state championship. So basically there are three rounds to the playoffs and then the championship,” explained Klassen.

You’ve made MHS students proud boys! Keep up the hard work and go win more games!


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