Clowning around in Rexburg

by: Olivia Marshall, Kallianne Thueson and Rebecca Neal

Clown sightings and attacks have been reported throughout the U.S. for the past weeks. Terrifying reports have surfaced in Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls High School and Bonneville High School have decided to ban dressing up as clowns for school. The Administration at Madison feels different.

“I have not heard any ban on clown costumes. We haven’t talked about it yet,”  Vice-Principal Mr. Gentile said.

There have already been Clown sightings and pranks this year. In Pocatello, a student photoshopped and picture of a clown at their school and shared it with friends. Soon people used it to say the school was under attack.

MHS students have had their own experiences with Clowns.

“One Clown made an Instagram page, and then he DM’d one of my neighbors and then told them that they were going to be coming and looking into the window that night. My neighbors called the police and the police came over and took pictures of the phone, and then after that, the police kept coming back to the house throughout the night and flashing it just to make sure no one was at the house,” Junior, Hannah Brewer said.   “It freaks me out! It scares me a lot and I have lots of bad dreams about it.”

Even our students working at haunted houses, dressing up as clowns and scaring people for their job are worried.

“You get scared working because when you are just sitting around and people will try and scare you and then everyone will try and scare you. Some nights we walk through by ourselves to test it out and it is very scary.” Junior Austin Hill said.

For those worried, don’t be! The police department has a reassuring message.

“We haven’t had any [clown] reportings in the Rexburg area,”  Officer Douglas Boivie said. “Honestly we’re more worried on Halloween about kids getting run over. That’s the biggest concern we usually have, because little kids are so excited to be out there and they assume that everyone’s going to see them.”

No need to be worried about clowns this year.  Everyone be careful this Halloween but have fun!



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