Drink Up!

Drink deals can be found all around the city of Rexburg.

by: Isaac Williams and Kalli Thueson

Photo by: Isaac Williams

Throughout the city of Rexburg, local businesses have different deals on drinks. It seems that every day there is a different deal. Students of Madison High School take advantage of these deals.

“I think it’s awesome that they have drink deals throughout Rexburg cause it helps save a lot of money.” said Sam Ridges.

Valley Wide is one of the many places in Rexburg that you can find deals on drinks. Every Wednesday, anyone can get $0.50 off any large sized drink. People throughout Rexburg are taking advantage of this deal.

“It’s just a deal for our loyal customers that come in, and we just want to give you guys a deal every week.” said Sarah Mackay.

Every week, Jamba Juice holds their Thirsty Thursdays. Thirsty Thursday is a a day when you can buy a medium drink for the same price of a large.

“Every Thursday you can buy a large smoothie for the price of a medium. That’s a really good deal.” says Brooklyn Morrill, an employee of Jamba Juice, “It’s pretty popular.”

Soda Vine has created an exclusive deal for high school students. By simply showing your Student identification, you can receive fifty percent off a twenty-four ounce drink. However this deal expires on October eighth.

“I go to Soda Vine a lot so I think that is a great deal they have for the high school students it will really save me money.” says sophomore BrieAnn Ball

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