Congratulations! You’ve made our lives miserable

Thousands of College students entering the city of Rexburg has complicated the lives of the residents who live there.

Long Lines in Walmart

Long Lines in Walmart

by: Nathan Powell, Isaac Williams, Kalli Thueson

College students create problems for the residents of Rexburg. The sudden burst of students creates lines of traffic as well as fewer jobs for high school students.  As a result, residents of Rexburg deal with more stresses in everyday life.

Due to the increased population from college starting, the people of Rexburg, are forced to face the realization that everything is going to be a bit harder. The college students bring with them the troubles; like crowded aisles at grocery stores, more traffic incidents, and frustration caused from their unintentional lack of manners.

“Some of the college kids don’t show respect and act very into themselves by blocking the roads and aisle in the grocery store.” Mrs. Miller said.

With the fall semester in, the difficulties we start to face now opens the door for even more problems. Like finding a job.

Jobs become increasingly harder to find when school is in session. Businesses all over town are facing hundreds of applications every time a BYU-I semester starts. For high school students looking for a job during the semesters it gets pretty frustrating at times because of the lack of job opportunities due to the filling of the college students.

“Without the college kids here I find it easier to get a job than when they are here.” Noah Dellasilva said.

In order to apply for jobs, we need to get through the traffic, and with that it becomes a mess.

The traffic becomes very noticeable as the students come into our small town. Not only the number of cars waiting at a traffic light, but also the number of pedestrians. Driving around town becomes extremely difficult by the mass amount of “new” drivers on the road. Traffic make it take twice as long to get to where you need to be.

“When they are away it is a lot easier to get to where you want to go compared to when they are here.” Mckenna Manwaring said.


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