MHS students take art to the next level

By Alexis Navarrete and Monica Franco

Photo by Alexis Navarrete

There are many different types of art. Some students of Madison High School have gotten into doing spray paint art. Mason McFadden and Jason Wade have a unique talent. They take art to a whole new level and they are not your average paintings.

When you see some of their work you would think that they have been doing this activity for years and that they would have been taught by someone one-on-one. That’s not the case.

McFadden said, “I just found it on YouTube and decided to try it out. I’ve only been doing it for a year.”

They both paint a variety of scenes using different techniques and tools to try to make every painting unique and different.

Wade said, “My new favorite thing to paint is mountains with water underneath or a city.”

Their newfound hobby was a something both Wade and McFadden enjoyed. Each can used to create their art was a way for them to express themselves in a unique way. 

Wade said, “It’s a way to express yourself and it’s not like regular painting where it takes time. It’s something that you can do that’s more unique.You can fit your style and do whatever is on your mind and it’s just really fun.”

Recently, Jason and Mason were apart of a spray paint show at the Easter Idaho State Fair. They always had a big crowd watching them do what they love to do and display their talents for all to see.



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