Bobcat Beats Takes a Bow


Photo credit: Larry Prescot

By: Natalie Tanner

Graduation was last Friday, and summer has officially began. There were so many cool and crazy and unique events that happened this year. The Bobcat Beat will be taking a break for the summer, but not before our best reporters are recognized.

John Resize  resized_DSC0087A big shout out goes to Josh Burgeous and John Franson. They have been tech support and were the backbone of the Beat. We couldn’t have gotten this project off the ground without them.

Shaylee Resize

Shaylee Hoffman was the second in command. She spent endless hours editing others’ articles and collaborating with other reporters.

Hannah ResizeHannah Liddiard was our other editor. She also spent time editing, but she also published her own hit articles.

Sofia Resize

Sofia Hayes always went above and beyond, especially when it came to extracurricular activities. She really made an extra effort to give them the credit they deserved.


Megan ResizeMegan Gemlich was always willing to do some extra stories and they brought a lot of attention to the Beat.

Sarah Resize

Sarah Paepke was our most dependable reporter. She always had quality work, and it helps that she’s a fantastic photographer. The Beat is fortunate to have her as the editor for next year.


Peyton ResizePeyton Johnson was the first among our staff to figure out how to take/edit videos. He even contributed to the Beat after he finished the class second trimester.  He was such a valuable asset, and we’re excited to have him as an editor for next year.


Hailey Berry was fearless as she talked to various administration, teachers, and coaches. She wrote “The Complex Journey”, and the article included the blueprints for sports facilities at MHS. These blueprints were a Bobcat Beat exclusive, as they had never been publicly displayed before. It was a huge win for the Beat.


Ethan being a moron resizeEthan Meeker took some excellent pictures that took his stories to the next level. He took on some extra work by taking pictures for a lot of the editors’ stories, too.


A big thanks goes to Courtney Weekes for doing a photo shoot for our staff that turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected. All the individual shots featured in this article are because of her talent and patience.

But the greatest award goes to our readers and the community. We never expected to get this kind of attention and recognition. The support and encouragement we received blew the staff away. The fact that some people will read this far down the page is really impressive. It makes all of our work have value because there is a real audience who will read our stories. So thank you.


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