Project Citizen: Sex Ed needed at MHS

Story by: Savannah Lucero 

Seniors Zach Anderson, Kiffin Kick, Connor Wills, Kaden Severn and Maria Garcia  decided that the biggest problem that needs to be resolved in the Rexburg community is that there is no Sex Education classes taught in schools.

“We feel like it’s an important life factor and we are depriving a lot of students that are leaving high school this basic knowledge.”  Garcia said.

 In their presentation, they stress the issue that MHS doesn’t have a program or unit of any kind on sex education. On the Madison School District’s web page it says “The Board of Trustees of Madison School District believes that the primary responsibility for family life and sex education, including moral responsibility, rests upon the home and the church and the schools can only complement and supplement those standards which are established in the family.”

“When I took health my sophomore year we didn’t even do the reproductive system. We were doing the body systems and we didn’t even go over it. Our teacher just said you can read it if you want, but we’re just going to skip this. And that’s just the reproductive system not even sexual education,”  Severn said.   

These seniors believed that the most probable solution to this issue would to input a week long unit into the mandatory health class on sex education.

“We would talk about the basics, the things they would need to know to be safe, what they need to know for their life so they can be safe. Especially for college, because your parents won’t be there for them,”  Anderson said.



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