Project Citizen: Energy drinks

Story by: Sam Goff and Faustin Wood

Energy drinks are becoming an outbreak here at Madison and many other schools around the world. Joshua Bourgeous, John Franson, Mandy widerburg, Valentine Passe-Carlus and Shannon Wilkey want to completely ban energy drinks from high school.

They took a survey and the results were shocking. They surveyed 96 people and of the 96 people 26 of them said they drink energy drinks. This may not seem like a lot of people but they asked a follow up question to the people who said they did drink them. When those 96 were asked how many they drink in a week, the answers ranged from half a can to ten cans.

Teens or anyone, for that fact, should not consume that much caffeine in a week.

There have been more and more deaths and hospitalizations due to the increasing popularity of energy drinks. This issue needs to be addressed before more kids start to be affected by these harmful drinks


After presenting their Senior Project, this group of seniors received multiple comments and questions concerning their proposed idea of school-banned energy drinks.

“Do we have energy drinks here at Madison?” asked Mr. Klassen a teacher at Madison High School.

“Yes and No, they don’t sell like common energy drinks, but they sell the Mountain Dew Kickstarts.”  Burgeous said.

“Why didn’t your administration want to deal with this?” asked a local woman resident of Rexburg.

“Kickstarts are actually recognized as an energy drink and they are sold in our vending machines. So that is taking money from our school.” Wilkey said.

As questions went on for nearly ten minutes, the audience and judges were in unison with the group’s idea, and agreed that energy drinks were not a good partner with public education.


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