Effort Pays Off in an Unexpected Way

MHS Student and Teacher get Prestigious Award

Story by: Faustin Wood

After receiving over 500 applicants, sophomore Allisa Dorman and teacher Bruce Benson  came out on top of the stack.

Richard Pingry, Robert Jones and Carmelita Jones from the Idaho Veterans of Foreign Wars visited Madison High School on Friday May 20th to award some unique accomplishments.

”The Veterans of Foreign Wars Association hosts a speech competition called the Voice of Democracy. Basically you write up a 3-5 minute speech and submit it to them,”  Dorman said.

There are four levels of this competition: post, district, state, and national levels. Each applicant’s speech is reviewed and ranked by a committee.

“ I made it through all the levels and was awarded 1000 dollars at the state level, and another 1000 dollars at the national level,” Dorman added, “it’s really surreal, and kind of unexpected I’m really mind blown.”

Dorman had her entire National trip paid for, as well as a trip to Valley Forge this coming Summer. She has always had an interest in writing and speech. She feels that this strengthens her passion and encourages her to share what she has to say. 

After awarding Dorman with her prestigious award, the three visitors went to Mr. Benson’s room. They presented the Educator of the Year Award. Benson was recommended from Madison County and qualified for this achievement for the South Eastern Idaho area.

“There are three categories educators can be awarded, k-6th grade, 7th-8th, and 9th-12th,”  Pingry said. “ It requires a background check, credentials recognition, and 350 word recommendation.”

Pingry also mentioned that of the 566 total students that applied, 128 of them were from either Madison of Sugar-Salem School District.


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