Project Citizen: Rexburg Expansion

Story by: Brayden Johnston and Kaden Severn

Seniors Brian Harris, Faustin Wood, Kayson Oakey, Zach Gardner, and Cordell Spencer presented their plan to expand Rexburg before a panel of judges.

The group felt that Rexburg is growing very quickly, but that the city isn’t adapting enough, and is failing to create enough commerce and business to accommodate all the new residents.


Faustin Woods presents his group’s idea to the judges. Photo by Brayden Johnston

As a solution to this issue, the group created a four part plan.The plan included removing the alcohol ban, allowing restaurants that serve liquor to come into the city, implementing a 50 dollar bed tax on college students, reducing the property tax to encourage the construction of new homes, and widening roads and infrastructure.


Brian Harris presents his group’s idea to the judges. Photo by Brayden Johnston

The judges seemed to be very welcoming to the group’s plan.

“Their whole plan seemed very effective, I especially liked the bed tax policy they suggested. They did very well,” Mr. Lauritsen said.

Project citizen presentations are known to be one of the hardest assignments that students at Madison have to complete. Many

plans that are created by seniors are put into action.

“It’s good academically, but civically it gets ideas flowing and being able to actually have the chance of making a change is a great incentive to keep project citizen around,” Mr. Chavez said.

The plan created by these boys could have a very positive effect on the Rexburg economy and growth if implemented.


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