What’s With all the AP Talk?

Madison High School begins AP testing

Story by: Faustin Wood

With the end of the trimester, and end of the school year coming up quick, so are finals. Among these finals is AP testing. Miss. Gee, one of our Madison High School Counselors answered a few of the commonly asked questions concerning AP classes and testing.

Q: What does AP Mean?

A: AP alone stands for Advanced Placement, which is basically classes above the High      School level, or college credit classes.

Q:What AP classes are offered at Madison?

A:Madison offers 9 AP classes: Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Statistics, Government, and U.S. History.

Q: Do any classes offer more than one college credit?

A:Some credits count as multiple college credits too, such as both English courses.

Q:Is it true that too many AP classes will disqualify me from colleges?

A: When applying to colleges always look at credit limits. Most the time taking too many electives, or classes not directed toward your major can result in you having to reapply or losing enrollment.

Q: How much do AP classes cost?

A: Classes are generally pretty cheap, the State of Idaho offers $4,125.00 for each student to go towards AP exams to help cheapen them up.

It is important to know that AP classes are available to everyone starting as young as a sophomore. They are a great head start into college education, as well as much cheaper, so take advantage of these opportunities.


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