Opinion: What is Junior year, Senior Year and beyond going to be like?

Top 10 Senior Year Things To Be Excited About

Story by: Ryan Perkes

  1. Excitement for your mission call and your friends mission calls
  2. Sports are always exciting but especially for the senior athletes
  3. Starting to get ready for college and real life
  4. Having  the seniority we want
  5. More independant
  6. Get to relax a little more because you are almost done
  7. Easier class schedules
  8. Front rows of spirit section
  9. Having spent more time together seniors are all the closest class in the school as far as friendship
  10. Closer with teachers

What are you excited about?

5 Reasons Why Junior Year will be hardest in your academic life.

Story by: Savannah Lucero

  1. You have to take the ACT/ SAT

    In April, you take the ACT/SAT which decides if you’re good enough to go to the college of your dreams. Your entire education is based on one of these tests to see if you learned enough in school. Cramming to remember all the math formulas and that condensation is part of the water cycle is stressful.


Lunch at Orchestra All-state. Rachel Anderson, Caroline Flansburg, McKell Hancock, and Shaylee Brown Photo Credit: McKell Hancock

  1. You have to worry about scouting for the NCAA

    Junior year is when you really start talking to schools and reality sets in if you are or aren’t going to compete in sports you’ve been playing since you’ve been little. You are talking to coaches, seeing if they want you to go into their program. Finding out if all the early morning practices, after school weight lifting and countless hours of game time happens to let you play ball in college.

  1.  Starting the college application process

                Writing essays on why you’re worth it to be accepted to their college campus is stressful. Making sure you fill in every line, sign every dotted line. You’re applying for scholarships so you won’t graduate from college with a ton of student loan debt.  

  1.  There’s so much drama

                There’s drama every year in high school, but things can get a little more heated in junior year because emotions are running high. Friend groups you’ve had since elementary school may be torn apart because of drama that has been blown out of proportion.   

  1.  You’re so close but so far

   You’ve been in school since you’ve been four. By the time you’re a junior, you just want to move on: go to college, on a mission, take a year off, get a real job, to start your life on your own. You’re so close you can almost reach it, but it’s just a little bit too far. You still have all these steps and things to do before you walk across that stage and get your diploma.

5 Things To Look Forward To In College

Story by: Kaden Severn

For seniors it is an exciting and changing time. Many of us will be heading to college this year. It can be scary. Here are 5 things that will hopefully get you excited about heading off to college!

  1. No Parents – In college, you are on your own. You can finally be fully in charge of your own decisions. For many of us, college is the first time that you’re out of the house. College comes with freedom and a first glimpse of adult life.
  2. Parties – College is full of awesome parties.There are great parties almost every weekend. These will allow you to meet new people, build social skills and just get out of the house. Many times in high school, students stay inside and watch Netflix on the weekends. College parties are a great alternative to this.
  3. Study What You Want – Throughout high school, it has often times seems  that what we learn is useless or boring. College eliminates that boredom. You get to choose your major and based on your interests, you can attend classes where you actually care about what you are learning.
  4. No More Drama – Heading to college will allow everyone to start over with a clean slate. Moving away from the drama will be beneficial to everyone. With so many students in college, you only associate with who you want to. Everyone you didn’t like in high school will be gone and you only keep in touch with close friends.
  5. Girls/Guys – College is full of attractive people of both genders. With such a bigger dating pool the chances of finding someone you like are much greater. Everyone can meet that special hottie; and who wouldn’t be excited about that?

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