Photography Students Experience Three Day Photo Excursion

Story by: Sarah Paepke

Madison High School photography students experienced an epic three day photo excursion this past weekend, April 21-23. Photography instructor Larry Prescott organized the road trip. He encouraged students to have fun, and apply the skills they had developed in his class as they photographed various landscapes, architecture, and people.

“The photography field trip provided opportunities for students to apply learned skills in various genres,” said Prescott.


Larry Prescott instructing students on photographing architecture. Photo by Sarah Paepke.

At 12:30 p.m., April 21, the group loaded up their gear, and traveled to Utah to photograph Spiral Jetty, an earthwork sculpture on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. They photographed the area until dark, capturing every magical moment of the sunset.

The group was up and at it by 5:30 the next morning in order to photograph the sunrise at Antelope Island, a Utah state park on the Great Salt Lake.


Anna Chapman photographing Antelope Island. Photo by: Sarah Paepke

Many students, including Junior Hannah Gardner, were completely exhausted the second day, and caught up on sleep on the bus rides.

“After a long day and a short night, we grudgingly forced our sleeping stomachs to eat before letting our bodies shut down on the bus,” said Gardner.

The remainder of the day consisted primarily of exploring and photographing downtown Salt Lake. Students received instruction and tips from Mr. Prescott throughout the day on photographing architecture. The main event of the day was a visit to the Cathedral of Madeleine, a Roman Catholic Church. Students captured the intricate designs, artwork, and structure of the cathedral.


Mr. Prescott photographing the Cathedral of Madeline. Photo by Sarah Paepke

After spending the day touring the city, the group traveled to Saltair to shoot the sunset. When they arrived, the lighting was perfect for portraits, and the students had a good time snapping photos of one another.

For Junior Emma Clawson, good friends and beautiful scenery made the experience unforgettable.

“I was doing two of my favorite things: taking pictures and spending time with my friends. The sights were beautiful and interesting, and it was truly a breathtaking experience that I will never forget,” said Clawson.


Emma Clawson photographing Antelope Island. Photo by: Sarah Paepke.

The final day consisted of a visit to the Utah Hogle Zoo, and a trip to the Hill Air Force Base. Students enjoyed a relaxing day photographing wildlife, and exploring the historical air force museum.


Photography students photographing wildlife at the zoo. Photo by: Larry Prescott.

Overall, the trip was an enjoyable and educational experience.



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