Kaden Severn


Prom season is upon us,and the stressful process of thinking up a clever way to ask your dream girl to the dance has begun.  Still, against all odds, boys at Madison are finding amazing, funny, romantic, and creative ideas to ask their baes to the dance.

Junior Blake Rawlings asked his date by getting two of his friends and dressing up as homeless people. They went to Kelsie Hansen’s house and held up signs that said, “I’m begging you to go to prom with me and similar sayings.”

Senior Andrew Nelson dressed up in a banana suit, and with a handful of bananas, asked Chuck Williams to prom with a sign that read, “I’d go bananas if you would go to prom with me.”

Braxton Lehman suggests checking Twitter and Pinterest for inspiration. “There are a lot of funny ideas I’ve seen on the internet,” said Lehman.

Don’t use the cliche promposals like the fish in the sea one. Try to be creative and find something new that not everyone uses. Good luck and have a fantastic prom!


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