MHS Students Compete in Art Show

By: McKell Hancock

The Bank of Idaho sponsors an art contest every year. This year it was held on ISU campus in their Student Union building. 350 pieces were shown in this show, 18 of which were the work of our very own art students.  


Senior Allie Eager placed first in sculpture and won $50 for her vulture puppet. She also participated last year, and won first place in three dimensional for her cardboard head.


“I looked up pictures of traditional puppets that they use in little puppet plays in europe. I just liked how they put them all together and made little joints. I was like that’s so cool! I just wanted to do something that would look cool and birds seemed fun,” said Eager.


Sophomore Autumn Williams placed 2nd in computer graphics. She designed a letterhead, a logo, and an advertisement for an imagery company. She also participated in the show last year and entered a watercolor painting which placed 3rd.


“I really enjoy graphic design, and learned a lot and I tried really hard on that second project [graphic design]. I think I put more effort into into it,” said Williams.


The other students who received awards were Caden Atkinson, who recieved $50 in computer graphics for his logo, Brooklyn Niedere, who received an honorable mention for her college, Oliva Hirrlinger, who placed second in miscellaneous painting category, Debra Williams, who took 2nd in watercolor, Makena Anderson, who placed third in watercolor, Lucy Hacking, who received honorable mention in watercolor, and McKenzie Ward, who won 3rd in computer graphics.


Mr. Lauritsen is starting an art club for next year. If you are interested, talk to him to sign up.
“We are going to do one activity a month. We will either probably have a guest artist, we might go paint on location, we [will] celebrate holidays as a group. Learn more, experiment more. It’s a chance for people who like art to kind of be together,” said Lauritsen.


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