Madison FFA: Prepped For Future Success

Madison FFA given new School Farm to manage

Story by: Faustin Wood

Press Pass pic

Faustin Wood, Madison FFA President

As Madison FFA President and NUSR  (North Upper Snake River) District President, I get to see all of the vast support of the community and the impact that has on FFA.

Most recently Madison FFA was boosted in a completely unique way. With plans for the new development to the Madison High School grounds being announced, something sticks out: the 32 acre plot of farmground stretching from the corner at RMS to the corner of Burton Elementary.

You’ll notice that this strip of property is labeled “FFA Farm.” The Madison School Board generously handed the 27 acre property over to the program, adding it to the existing 5 acres it gave us last year.

In the years that I’ve been involved with FFA, this is by far the most impressive and awesome thing that I’ve seen. After being given 5 acres for a hay field last year, it’s hard to comprehend how much 27 acres can do.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of the School Board, our Administrations, and for the Madison FFA Advisory Board,” said Junior Randy Ball. “They are always willing to support us and to see us succeed.”

The FFA students will be farming hay, grain and other crops this spring. They intend to sell it locally and the proceeds will all go right back into the program.

Several local farmers including those on the advisory board have volunteered to help the students get started this spring. The first seeds will go into the ground in April.

Madison FFA Farm edited

The 32 acre farm plot from corner at RMS to corner at Burton Elementary. Photo Credit Google Earth with modifications made by Faustin Wood.




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