Allie Williams Wins DYW Wins Program At Madison High School

By: Ryan Perkes

Fifteen Juniors competed for a $1,600 scholarship this past March in the distinguished young women’s program, competing against each other in five different categories: scholastic, interview, talent, best self and spirit of Distinguished Young Women (DYW). The winners of each category would win a couple hundred dollars in scholarships depending on the categories they won. This contest is more than a beauty pageant.

The young women started preparing in January for the show. They would start practice at six a.m. and practice for two hours before school.

“We’re all super good friends, even afterwards too” said Junior Allie Gates Williams.

Of course each girl would have struggles during the competition.

“The push-ups and walking in heels” were the hardest part according to Williams.

Through the three months of long practices, the girls would practice their talents such as dancing, playing the piano, or singing. Each girl would get to display her own personal talent, their walk, and answering a question in front of the judges while having to keep their composure.

Self Expression, and Fitness were the two categories that Williams won before taking home the $1,600 scholarship for first place.



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