Bobcats of Madison High

IMG_3007I really like to draw.  I’ve been drawing comics for a long time. I make copies of them and I sell them. I was planning on becoming a comic book artist someday. It’s gonna be hard though, comic book artists are a rare breed. If I don’t get into comics, I’ll probably self publish, make my own comics, maybe open my own shop. I used to write books before I started drawing comics. Making stories is the funnest thing. Then I decided that I am going to make comics. You get to make the story and draw it! I figured it was perfect and started researching it. With words, you can describe things in your mind and emotion with pictures. But with both, you can do a lot of things. Art can entertain and really inspire you. Ever since I was young, I didn’t want to be someone who just sits back and lets the world do their own thing. I’ve wanted to change the world. I’ve wanted to effect the world positively. I wanna do this by writing or drawing and getting people to understand the way I feel. This sounds cheesy, but don’t give up on your dreams. I would draw a comic about a character who goes on adventures, he goes through hardships, but in the end he accomplishes what he’s been trying to reach the whole time. That’s what people need to do. They need to accomplish goals, not just think about them. – Junior Ammon Foiles


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