Blood and Needles at MHS



Anna Chapman, Mackay Moore, Blake Adams, Katrina Kimball, Damitu Haws and Sandra Lozano chat after giving blood in the aux gym at MHS. Photo by: Natalie Tanner.

Story by: Natalie Tanner

Donating blood can be a pretty intimidating thing.  There’s the needles and the blood and the possibility of throwing up in front of all your peers.

Today MHS hosted  blood drive, and from the pro donors I talked to, donating blood isn’t that scary. There’s actually some pretty cool perks to donating blood.

Every pint can save 3 lives.

You can only donate one pint every time you donate, but you can save a lot of lives.

The Red Cross lets you know when your blood is used.

After donating blood, the Red Cross sends you an email telling you when and where your blood was used to save a life.

You get recognized during graduation.

After donating 3 times during your senior year, a red cord is awarded to wear during graduation.

Excused Absence.

All time spent during class while donating blood is excused. So even if you pass out, at least you don’t have to be in class.

Donating isn’t a scary thing.

If donating blood feels super intimidating, volunteer at the blood drive. That way you can get a feel for how everything works.

Talk to other people who have donated. Most of the students I talked to didn’t have anything weird happen.

Donating blood usually takes 7-10 minutes, so there’s no excuses.



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