Madison Girls Give Spring Fling Date Ideas

By: Kaden Severn

The Spring Fling dance is approaching, and with it comes the last minute scrambling and planning of the day date. Although the dance is this Saturday, many girls are still struggling to come up with fun activity ideas.

This time of year can make it difficult to find fun things to do; it’s too cold for summer activities, but there is no snow for winter activities either.

We set out to find girls who have a plan in mind, and can help provide guidance for some of you last minute planners who can’t think of anything.

Senior Kelsie Hansen and Junior Mallory Mason gave us some great day date ideas.   

“There’s actually plenty to do, you just gotta be creative! Try something that you normally wouldn’t do or even think of doing,” Hansen said.

“For a date you could go paintballing, a simple trip to the zoo, go for a hike, or even do a photo scavenger hunt,” said Mason.

If you need help or inspiration for a fun date, Junior Katie Gulley suggests you look to Pinterest for ideas.

“I have found many great date ideas on the Pinterest. You could go rollerblading, fishing, have a paint war, or maybe go to Lava Hot Springs,” said Gulley.

Although at first glance there may be nothing to do for your Spring Fling day date, if you just use a little creativity, there are thousands of exciting date ideas that will be sure to create lasting memories.


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