Its Time to Tackle Concussions


Kyler Clark gets the tackle in a game against Skyline earlier this season. Serious injuries can occur when head get tweaked the way it is in this photo. Luckily Kyler wasn’t injured in this play. Photo courtesy of Upper Valley Standard Journal

Story by: Ryan Perkes

Is a concussion really that big of a deal? There has been debate for a long time about how serious we should take the risk of concussion. Concussions have been diagnosed from many athletes and can be a problem.

Injuries are a part of any sport and should not be taken lightly. But that is no reason for a sport to be discontinued or have changes to the game. The athletes participating in these sports know the consequences that may occur from their actions

Athletes understand what a concussion might cause but they still are wanting to participate in a sport they have put hours of work into. And they aren’t afraid to put their health on the line.

Football is just one of the sports that has a risk for concussions. Soccer, Rugby and boxing have equally high incidence for concussion.
Some people might think that with all these risks, it’s just not worth it to participate in contact sports. Knowing all we can about prevention is key to protecting athletes. Education, proper training and other preventive measures can help reduce the incidence of concussion. Play ball but play smart.


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