Pi day or Pie day?

Story by: Faustin Wood


3.14…the circumference divided by the diameter of a circle, the birthday of Albert Einstein, National Pi Day and Pie day at MHS! Students were asked to bring pies by their math teachers and the whole school got to snack on over 60 delicious pies.

“It was literally a sea of pie,” said Junior Hannah Gardner.Mrs. Mclaughlin’s classroom was filled to capacity with nothing but pie.

Every Math teacher could be easily identified by their epic matching pi t-shirts, and ecstatic personalities!


Peter Bressler pondering which pie he should choose on Pi day. Photo by: Brielle Hammond.

“I ate pie, and it was delicious,” said math teacher Mr. Dummar.

Many others felt the same way as countless classes of students made their way back from the pie room having satisfied their sweet tooth.

Even outside of school, students were enjoying pie.

”I had a cold McDonald’s Apple pie at 1:13 a.m.this morning,”  Junior Emily Sena said. No matter how you celebrated National Pi day, we hope it was an enjoyable one.


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