Bobcats are Diamond Ready

A preview of the MHS baseball team

Story by: Jaxson Hodges & Leah Dougherty

As the Bobcat’s basketball season comes to an end, Madison’s baseball team is preparing for its own season, anxiously waiting for the snow to melt.  A lot of exciting things await the Cats this year as they have a new head coach and a strong junior class of baseball players ready for the varsity level.

They also have multiple seniors such as Max Moore, Josh Crane, Carter Geddes, Zach Anderson, and Zach Telford coming back looking for a chance to redeem last year’s season when they had a devastating loss to Hillcrest in the district tournament, kicking them out of the state tournament.

Geddes is one of the seniors who is very excited for the upcoming season, “I’m so ready for the season,” he said, “The players on the team are working really hard to get ready and we expect great things.”

Junior outfielder Arthur Morales feels the same way as he can’t wait for the baseball season to begin and is already preparing for it, training about three times a week.

At the beginning of the season the Cats will have an opportunity to go to Arizona and play in a tournament there.

“I think it will be a super cool experience for us to go to Arizona this year and play a tournament there. The competition will be pretty hard so it will definitely prepare us for the rest of the season,” said Morales  

The Bobcats were a decent team last year but weren’t able to make it to state. They’re hoping to be able to come out this year and be one of the more dominant teams in their conference.

Morales and his teammates agree that Highland will probably be their biggest competition but when asked if he thinks their team could win the district championship

With Morales’s dad, Art Morales as the new head coach, the Bobcats will be looking to do some different things this year that will hopefully lead to a winning season. Morales says he thinks it won’t be a problem that his dad is the new coach and thinks that his dad’s alternative coaching strategies will really help the team.

When asked what could be a roadblock for the team, Morales said, “We really need our pitching staff to stay healthy and away from injury. As long as they can do that and our team has good chemistry, we should have a great season.”

The players looking to be on the team this year are seniors Moore, Crane, Geddes, Anderson, Telford and Connor Wills. The juniors are Hayden Leatham, Briggs Neff, Matt Bolingbroke, Arthur Morales, Jaxson Hodges, Jake Rammell, Devan Berry, Ryan Perkes, Rieley Telford, Kyler Clark, Derek Crawford, and Kaden Craner. However, tryouts have yet to be held until the end of February so we won’t know until then who is on the team.  

Whoever does end up making the team will definitely be in for a top notch season as the Madison baseball team is hyped and ready to play.


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