Play Ball!

A spring preview to MHS Softball

Story by: Kaesi Keck and Natalie Fullmer

The Madison High School softball program will be experiencing some changes this year. One of those changes includes getting a new coaching staff. Previous head coach, Mandy Munns, ended up retiring earlier than expected, in order to spend more time with her family. The assistant coach from last year, Debbie Jensen, took the head coaching position, with former assistant JV coach Ashley Arnold, as assistant varsity coach.

Jensen and Arnold have previously coached this team for summer ball this last year. Although they are new varsity coaches, they aren’t new to the Madison softball program. The girls participating this year have an idea of what to expect, because of past experience of playing with them.

Another change in the program will be that the program will be losing some key players for various reasons. Most of the girls who participated in last season, have decided to stay committed to other sports, such as, basketball, volleyball, or cheer. Losing some of these players is hard on the program. In this group of girls, they have lost two pitchers, a catcher, and a second baseman. The program currently has one starting pitcher for their Varsity team. This will be a challenge that the team will face all season unless they can get another pitcher on the team.

All the girls have been playing together for several years now which makes it easier to play because they all know each other so well. They have a bond and all play very well together.

Despite the challenges the team will be facing, they are going to make the season very memorable and fun.  

“We’re a great team, but if we want to win games, we’ll have to work on a lot of things. There’s still a lot to do. The only way we can get through this is by teamwork.” said Arnold.

They are all very excited to start the season. Tryouts will be February 26th and 27th. The season opener will be at Minico High School on the 11th and 12th of March. Madison played Minico last season for their first game.

Their first home game will be against their rival the Rigby Trojans. Madison hopes to claim their victory. The players and coaches look forward to starting the season.

“We just have to believe in each other and in ourselves, and we’ll have a great season. I see a lot of potential in this team, but it will take a lot of hard work if we want to make it to state,”said Jensen.



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