Madison Fine Arts Groups Attend All State

Story by: Emily Oliphant

A very prestigious performance is coming up for the Madison orchestra and choir. They will be presenting their pieces Feb. 11 and 12 in the Goranson Hall at Idaho State University. This is a great opportunity and they were chosen out of a number of other high school groups as the best and asked to perform.

The Madison choir and orchestra sent in audition tapes earlier this school year, where they were looked over and the top groups were selected to perform in the annual all state festival.

“They go and play for all of the music teachers, kinda gives them an idea of what’s going on in the state and hear the very best groups so they have something to compare their groups to,” said Orchestra Director Mr. Hansen.

While the orchestra has already attended this event 6 times and the choir 3, it is still a great honor to be asked to perform.

“It’s kind of equivalent to being picked for the all-state team on a sports team,” said Choir Director Mr. Hinck.

The students participating in this event have an extraordinary opportunity to display their impressive talents. They should recognize the amazing chance they have and how positively it reflects on their skills.

“It should mean that they realize that they’re some of the very best in the whole state, they should take pride in that and it should inspire them to work hard,” said Mr. Hansen.

Both Mr. Hansen and Mr. Hinck are very proud to be conducting groups that have been so successful.

“I’m very blessed. Great group of kids and the community is very supportive and as a result we’re able to do some really great things with our music department here,” said Mr. Hinck.


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