Fight Club or District Champs?

Story by: McKenna Manwaring

We all have heard about the fight that Madison and Highland High School had Tuesday night. After the third and the beginning of fourth quarter, the Madison maniacs started doing our traditional dance, the ‘Numa Numa’.  The Highland ram mascot joined the floor and started to dance on the Madison side of the court. Tavin Marlor nudged him to get him out of the way but the ram shoved back.

“He was in my personal space and I didn’t mean to hit him that hard. I just wanted to keep dancing and do our thing.” said senior Tavin Marlor.

After the ram shoved back, the Madison students ran onto the court and Senior Alex Christensen shoved the ram down. Highland’s student section ran down onto the floor right after their mascot fell to the floor.

“Just want you guys to know, you mess with any of my Madison Family, I’ll always back them up. Always,” said Christensen on his Facebook account.

Athletic Director Erick Wills shared what he could about the event.

“That night, one Madison and two Highland boys were kicked out of the gym. Everyone was in shock that their mascot was on our side of the court dancing next to Tavin. At first we didn’t know what to do and we weren’t able to stop it fast enough,” said Wills.  

The state rules for basketball games are that no mascots, cheerleaders, or fans are allowed to cross half court onto the other team’s side at any time during the game.

Though the fight is the talk of Madison, varsity basketball player Konner Jackson, said it didn’t take away from the game.

“We tried not to let it get into our heads because it was kind of a distraction, but seeing the fight and winning the District Championship were both pretty exciting! We are so excited to go to state!” said Jackson.



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