Coach Hawkins Approaches His 28th Year At Madison


Coach Hawkins talking to friend from Skyline before the Madison Vs. Skyline game started on February 17, 2016.

Story by: Emily Oliphant

By winning many state championships, Coach Hawkins often leads his basketball teams to greatness. He’s been coaching for 35 years and been head coach at Madison High School for 28 year.

Coach Hawkins changes the way he coaches from year to year based on the people on his team. His many years of expert coaching gives the team courage.

“With him coaching it just gives the team a lot of confidence… to know that the coach knows what he’s doing and he’s been in these situations before,” said Senior Josh Crane.

The team is always in the running for the academic state championship. When they win it means that they have the best overall GPA in the state for 5A. In addition, everyone becomes more united under Coach Hawkins.

“He’s really done a good job of getting those kids to buy into the saying, there’s no I in team,  and they play that way, and act that way,” said Mr. Wills.

Senior Zach Anderson and Crane agree that they have become good friends with Hawkins over their several years of being coached by him.

“I feel like I’ve got a good relationship them… They are just a great bunch of kids. They’re not only good basketball players they’re good young men,” said Coach Hawkins.

Hawkins not only holds his team to high standards but also himself. He coaches his students to be clean players and not to take short cuts.

“There’s a lot of schools that will sacrifice all the other things to win, and our philosophy, is if you do those things the right way winning will come,” said Mr. Wills.

Coach Hawkins has proved to his players, other coaches, and Madison High School that he is an incredible coach.

“I think he’s well respected among the other coaches in the area and it’s good to see the comradery there,” said Assistant Principal Busby.

Coach Hawkins has worked hard and relentlessly to get the program where it is today, and all that he’s put in has come out to help create the excellent team we have this year.



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