Zombie Movies/TV show

By: Peyton Johnson

The recent plague of zombie movies and television shows have led some to wonder if there is an original idea anywhere. Because Hollywood is running out of ideas and book to movie adaptations do well, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was perfect for the zombie craving audiences. But though they are getting old, many people still seem to enjoy them, and a lot seem to do well.

Mr. Hibbard, the drama and film studies teacher at the high school, said monster movies have always grabbed people’s attention.

“I think it is the same kind of fascination that drew people to Dracula, Frankenstein and any kind of monster like that. It’s just a more modern version of a monster story,” said Mr. Hibbard.

And it seems that audiences are  onboard with it; five of the highest grossing zombie movies ever made were made in the last five years. One  of the most successful television shows in the last five years is AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has a 90 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Zombies are very popular, and to Hollywood, more lucrative.

Hollywood will continue to make zombie movies as long as they make money at the box office, said Mr. Hibbard.

“I sure hope (they don’t make more zombie movies), but I think they will. If they sell, they will.”

The Classic Pride and Prejudice

By: McKell Hancock

Jane Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice has been parodied into a new book and now movie: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The original story is about the Bennet’s family, which includes five unmarried girls. Mrs. Bennet want to marry off their daughters to be socially acceptable.

Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood and brings his friend, Mr. Darcy with him. They both are in need of a wife.

Throughout the book a few character suggest  prejudice against the other characters because of their social norm or society rules. At one point in the book Mr. Bingley sister, tells Elizabeth, she is not good enough for Mr. Darcy because of her class status.  

“I like how it shows that there was such a big difference in expectations, even if it’s in a romantic way. If you were in a certain level of society, you were expected to perform in certain ways, do things to compliment people, talk to people, and dance.The way that you perform around other people and socialize, really affected your way of life and how people thought about you.” Senior Grant Holley said.

Jane Austen slowly develops characters throughout the story and portrays the different roles of the different classes. There is the rich and the poor, very much like there is today.

“It shows the different opportunities each one has. It probably applies more in the different personalities of each character and their perspectives on society,” Senior Megan Jensen said.


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