The Difference Between Being Romantic vs. Being a Stalker

Would you choose pizza over a relationship? Picture by: Ethan Meeker

By: Sofia Hayes 

You turned the corner, and there he or she stood. Your heart skipped a beat and you were in love. You felt as though there was no way to contain your innermost feelings–so you let them all out. Thinking it was a good idea, you left this special someone a million love letters and chocolates in the office. But to your surprise, they avoided eye contact with you in the hall, they failed to thank you even once, and you felt completely and utterly rejected. Well as a matter of fact, you were.

This scenario demonstrates what not to do when someone catches your attention. The problem in this situation was that you were the only one in love.

I have come to the conclusion that there is only one distinct difference between a gesture being considered extremely “romantic” or extremely “creepy.” That is simply: the other person’s feelings. Depending on how someone feels about you, your actions can be seen as sincere, cute and sweet; or they can be seen as absolutely stalkerish.

In order for your gestures to be considered romantic and not creepy, what you need to do is change the other person’s feelings. According to the Huffington Post, here’s how:

  • Change your attitude. Are you happy most of the time? Or are you sitting around moping about how miserable you are? If your attitude is going down the drain, you might as well throw your relationship in there with it. No one wants to date a grump, let alone be around one.
  • Get a life. If you’re always available, hanging out won’t seem very urgent to your very attractive friend. The moment you become less available is the moment your friend will start to wonder what you are up to.
  • Separate from your friend. Now, I know what you’re thinking; that is the absolute last thing you want to do about someone who occupies your thoughts night and day. But time away from your friend will force them to realize what life is like without you and stop taking you for granted. This step is the most important if you’re looking to turn a friend into more than just a friend. If you don’t give them a minute to miss you, they never will!

Now that we’ve established how to get out of the friendzone, you are ready to flirt, compliment, and tease as you please. Your crush may now feel differently about you, so you should be well on your way to a romantic, stalker-free life.

How to get a guy or girl 

By: Lexi Dennis

Ladies and gentlemen who are tired of being the third wheel, listen up. We all struggle with finding that special someone, but here are a couple hints to discovering the secret.

Ladies don’t want just tall, dark, and handsome. They want someone who cleans up nice and has a fun personality.

“The first thing I notice about a guy is their eyes,” said Junior Jess Facer.

Girls notice a guy’s appearance first, such as their eyes, their smile, or their hairstyle. The ladies want someone with a little humor, a dash of romance and someone who is hardworking.

If you want to know the secret to why girls dress and act the way they do, it’s because they think that’s what a guy wants.

“A guy wants us to be hot, able to cook, clean, and be a make out buddy,” said Junior Hannah Moore.

Most girls have insecurities when it comes to guys. They would like to be more appreciated and complimented every now and then.

Now, the gentlemen want a girl that doesn’t make things uncomfortable when they are hanging out. Someone who can cook wouldn’t hurt, but they also want someone who has humor and isn’t fake. She has to be willing to do things that the guy likes to do and she can’t only eat a salad when they go on a date.

“After I have been around a girl I like, I usually notice her laugh more than anything else,” said Junior Zach Jensen.

The reason guys act the way they do is because they think girls are looking for someone with muscles and abs. Girls also want them to be able to cook and be funny. Girls really like it when the guys have a good cologne on.

If you ladies and gentlemen had some difficulties, this will push you in the right direction. Don’t ignore this pot of golden information! This will help you throughout your dating life.




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