Become Somebody’s Hero, Say Hello

Story by: McKell Hancock

Getting rid of cliques and making sure everyone is included is one of the Student Council’s focuses this year. When they first met at the beginning of this school year, they decided cliques were a problem at our school. They came up with the saying, “Become Somebody’s Hero” hoping that people would look out for others.

“We recognize that it’s probably not a goal that we will be able to see the end results in because it is such a big goal to have. How do you change people’s thoughts and ideas; the way they think of other people?” said Student Body Officer Kami Gee.

One of the things the body officers have done this year is made sure a lot more people were included in the assemblies. In past years, the same people were always chosen to participate. This year they have tried to have different people participate each time and get more people involved.

Many students were involved in the wish assembly in December. There were wishes for people to perform in front of the whole school. Karli Kidd was one of the people that was able to participate, and she got to sing.

“It was really fun to be able to share a song that I wrote with the school. Some of my friends wished for me to do it,” she said.

The Student Council hopes that students will reach outside their friend group and that they can befriend everyone.

“We hope that everyone can continue with this idea that you can be friends with everyone and it really doesn’t matter who your friends are,” said Gee.image1 (3)

Students in the main hallway at Madison High during pause. Photo by: Sarah Papke


What is the deal with Cliques at MHS?

Story by: Josh Bourgeous

There is nothing worse than moving to a new school, not knowing anyone and you  are the kid that is singled out by all the other groups that have no room for newcomers.  Movies and shows on TV often portray that  where you sit at lunch determines how “cool” you are.

Cliques are known as a group of people who tend to interact more with the select few in their own group. Cliques at MHS are usually seen as what group of people you stand within the halls or that you sit by at lunch. Separation in these groups can be caused by popularity, clubs and any other distinguishing characteristics. Are those cliques really out there in the hall of  Madison High School?

Knowing what is going on around Madison High School is the job of Counselor Mrs. Allowitz who told Bobcat Beat her beliefs on the subject of cliques at MHS.

“You’re going to have natural cliques or groups form based on things like if there is any extra curricular” she said.

Even though cliques still form, she feels that it’s not something intentional.

“Those who play basketball, are gonna kinda run with those who play basketball,” said Mrs. Allowitz.

These groups form not  because of popularity  but more because of  common interests. When asked if she was in a clique, senior Emily Bennett stated “I think I have been before when you do sport, like sport people stick together, but know that I don’t do sports, I don’t really feel like I do.”

Madison’s school is not as segregated as many people make it out to be though, but some feel that the lines are still present.

It seems that cliques will always have somewhat of there own presence at Madison, whether it be intentional or not.  That’s not a bad thing as long as everyone in the end finds their own places and is included.




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