Multisport athlete works his way to the top

Billy Beret: A Multisport Machine


Billy Baret showing off his moves in this picture from the Madison Wrestling Club Facebook page.

Story By: Henry George

Billy Beret is a multisport athlete with aspirations of playing at the college level. When wrestling team captain and football player Berret was asked what he liked about wrestling, the most he said was, “ I like wrestling because you cannot blame anyone else if you lose, just yourself. It is all about you, at the end you have a team score sure but in the match you are alone.”

When asked what sport he preferred, Berret said, “ The thing about football or basketball is that you can always blame a loss on someone else. Like he missed a block or why didn’t he hit his free throws but in wrestling you cannot blame a loss on anyone but yourself. That is why I like individual sports better because at the end of the day when you lose, it is all on you.”

His great abilities in wrestling began at a much younger age. He has taken weightlifting every year since seventh grade and played football since fifth. He started wrestling as a freshman and immediately fell in love with it. His schedule is very packed with school, work and being a multisport athlete all vying for his time and attention. Being a multisport athlete makes some things difficult but also helps him stay in shape. “ It makes it really hard on on my sleep and homework schedules,” Berret said.

He is a defensive end in football and thinks that he does not have much of an impact. He is definitely seeing more recognition as a wrestler than a football player. Berret’s current wrestling record is 9­1 the single loss coming in overtime to an opponent with five pounds on him. Beret wrestles in the 195 lbs division despite being more like 190 lbs. He said he made the decision to compete at that weight because that would most likely be his division as a senior.

Being only a 17 year old junior he has yet to reach his peak and hopes that once he does he will be one of the best wrestlers in the state.

His younger brother Robby Berret also believes in him and is following in his footsteps as a football player and wrestler. Robby said, “ I am proud of him but at the same time I want to beat him not stay in his shadow.” Those will be difficult goals to achieve as Billy is already a historically dominate wrestler with plenty of time left to show off his talent.


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