MHS Sponsors National Poetry Competition

Sarah Potter, Nicole Biorn, Caroline Flansburg holding their certificates for participating in Poetry Out Loud. Winner Kelly Burdick is shown in video below reciting the winning poem from the night. Photo and video by Halle Newhouse.

Story By:  Halle Newhouse

The poetry club held the first ever Poetry Out Loud Out Contest  Feb. 3 in the choir room. For those who’ve never heard of Poetry out Loud, it is a nation wide event where students memorize poems and recite them in front of four judges. There are scored on accuracy, presentation, voice, and overall performance. Four students came to compete for the chance to go to state.

Since this was the first time MHS has ever held the Poetry Out Loud contest, they were a bit skeptical on how it would turn out. Last year MHS held their first Slam Poetry competition. With sold out seating, they were sure to get many supporters for Poetry Out Loud. Only a few students came to the event to support their fellow classmates.

The poems the students read seem to describe them in their own way. When the contestants recited their chosen poetry, the emotion jumped out at you with such feelings that just watching and listening to them you feel like you’re a part of the story too.

Out of the four students, the first place awarded will get to attend the state competition in Boise on March 5. This year’s winner at Madison High was Kelly Burdick.



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