From Bobcats to Bengals

Crane and Anderson Sign at ISU

Story by: Megan Gehmlich

Seniors Josh Crane and Zach Anderson made Madison proud when they signed onto Idaho State University’s Football Team Feb 3.

“I am looking forward to playing Division One, getting to play football again, and playing with Josh. He is one of my best friends,” said Anderson.

Both Anderson and Crane are completely thrilled to be playing football, the sport that they love at a college level. Their smiles said it all as they both signed onto Idaho State University’s football team.

“For me, this an amazing opportunity to continue to play football at a college level. Having Zach with me will be a lot of fun. I look forward to it,” said Crane.

In fact, these two Madison football legends have been involved with football since they were in fourth grade! They have been looking forward to and preparing for this moment for years.

“I have been playing football since I was really young. Josh and I even played on the same fourth grade team together,” said Anderson.

It is no secret that these two football die hards have a love for their team and the sport as a whole.

“The feeling you get when you are playing football, is like nothing else,” said Crane. “Having friends as teammates is amazing… there is a real brotherhood that is formed.”

Idaho State better watch out, because they are about to gain two very talented and dedicated athletes to their football program. Anderson and Cranes’ future plans consist of serving a two- year LDS mission and attending ISU to study and play football.

Josh Crane and Zach Anderson sign Letters of Intent to play football for Idaho State University on Feb. 3. Photos by: Hannah Liddiard

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