Superbowl 50 brings families together through commercials and fun

A 4.5 million dollar Investment

Story By: Bradley Hodgson

Excitement for the Super Bowl is in the air, and the hype can only grow as Sunday draws closer. The real money doesn’t come from the game itself, but from the commercials. According to Syracuse, a 30 second advertisement during this year’s game costs an average of $150,000 per second.

Why would companies pay $4.5 million to have their ad played during the a super bowl? That sounds like a lot of money,though with millions of people watching, it will definitely be worth it. Commercials aired during the Super Bowl also receive additional airplay and exposure outside of the game.

The average Super Bowl XLVIII television commercial increased the likelihood of a viewer purchasing the brand’s products or services 6.6%, according to a recent report from Brand Ads.

Teens and young adults are the target audience for many Super Bowl commercials. Younger viewers are more influenced by advertisements, with consumers under the age of 18 showing a 37.1% increase in likelihood to purchase after watching the broadcast.

“83.9% of brands that purchased one or more Super Bowl ad positively influenced consumers’ likelihood to purchase their products or services. However, 16.1% of brands negatively influenced consumers’ likelihood to purchase their products or services.” according to

The advertisements for the super bowl have a tremendous impact on society.. Which companies will take this $4.5 million Gamble this year?   

“Super” Family Celebrations

Eighth-grade Spencer Ollerton is ready for the Panthers to “rock on” during the superbowl.  Sophomore Lauren Ollerton explains why she loves the Broncos. “My favorite part about the superbowl is eating all the candy,” said Leah Ollerton age 11. 6-year-old Seth Ollerton cheers enthusiastically for the Denver Broncos. Photos by: Megan Gehmlich

Side story: Megan Gehmlich

Almost every family has their own special traditions when it comes time for the biggest football event of the year! Many families just watch the Super Bowl for the hilarious commercials, but others are hard core fans, analyzing every play and touchdown of their favorite team. Along with watching the Super Bowl, people also enjoy the delicious food, parties, family traditions, and the inevitable rivalries.  

“In my family, we always have a big dinner with a ton of food. We love to have a huge party with both family and friends every year. ” said Sophomore Lauren Ollerton.

While a lot of families are all fans of the same football team, there might be one family member who tends to pick a different side. Ollerton’s younger brother, Spencer Ollerton, is just one example of a family football outcast.

“I feel outraged and betrayed that my family is rooting for the Denver Broncos. I don’t really like the Panthers football team, I just really hate the Broncos. So that is why I am supporting the Panthers,” said eighth-grade Spencer Ollerton.

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to have a party. Whether you are in it to win it or are just there for the food, the Super Bowl has something fun for everyone! No matter who you root for. After all, the Super Bowl is the most watched TV program of all time, so make the most of it!


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