Morrin takes state and just keeps running

Rachel Morrin 1 State champion Rachel Morrin blew all competition out of the water this season in cross country.

Story by: Natalie Tanner

Sophomore Rachel Morrin runs this town with her excellent record this season in cross country. Not only is she undefeated, but she also took state on Halloween. It was a win that was well deserved for Morrin.

“She works herself really hard and never takes an off day for herself,” said Girls’ Captain Valerie Smith.
Despite her hard work and perfect record, Morrin still had some anxiety about the competition.

“I was kind of nervous about the Boise girls, but about halfway through the race, I told myself ‘I can do this’ and then pulled ahead,” said Morrin.

Not only did she pull ahead, taking the state title, but her undefeated record was now complete. The last time a District 6 girl had an undefeated record in cross country was 20 years ago.

“She definitely deserves it. She hasn’t been just given this talent, she’s worked for it,” said Smith on Morrin’s success.

Morrin was named All-Area Girls Runner of the year in the Post Register, which was unusual for a sophomore.
“It’s really hard [to be chosen] because they look at both your academic and your athletic record, so I feel really honored,” said Morrin. Morrin hardly had time to celebrate her win before she started setting goals for the track season.

“I’ve set some time goals…and I’ve been training since December 1st,” said Morrin.
The first meet for the track season is in February.


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