The “Millennial” Problem of Dating

Student Dating at MHSIMG_1773

Students bowling at Fat Cats for their dance day date. Pictured (from left to right,) Kenna Orme, Caleb Steenson, Mckay Moore
, Joshua Steenson, Sarah Paepke, Emily Taylor.

By: McKell Hancock

The Valentine’s Dance is coming up on February 13. As everyone is getting their dates, here are a few tips to remember.

Treat your date like they are worth a million dollars, but don’t spend a million dollars. It’s more fun when everyone on the date is being treated fairly and respectfully. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a date to make it fun. Simple and cheap are just as fun. Examples are card games, sledding, skittle bowling, or a movie night.

“My most favorite date was a picnic at the college gardens with a paint war at the end. We got painted head to toe! It was cheap and so much fun!” said Junior Jenna Flamm.

Your date deserves your attention! Your phone can wait so turn it off, put it down, and live the moment. Enjoy your date! Real people are more interesting than a lighted screen.

“When you’re on a date with a girl, you need to be respectful and actually show her that you want to spend time with her. I’ve been on a few dates where the guy wasn’t paying attention to me. He was texting and talking about other girls and it made me feel like he really didn’t want to be there with me and how he wished he was there with someone else. They need to pay attention to their date and try to get to know them more,” said Junior Brennae Brown.

Get to know your date by asking them meaningful questions. Find out their hobbies, likes, dislikes, and interests or what you have in common with them. Dating is a way to meet new people and make new friends.

“I really feel that dating is a great way to get to know people better and make some of your best friends. Dating can also be pretty scary- especially if you are the one asking- so I always try to thank my date a lot and let them know how much fun I am having!” said Senior Kami Gee.

Dates should treat each other with respect, be polite, and be on their best behavior. Guys should be gentlemen and practice chivalry by opening doors and offering their jackets. Girls should be ladies and allow their dates to help them.

“Be a gentleman! Girls appreciate when guys are nice not only to us, but those around them. Don’t be prideful and be humble. The little things mean the most. Compliments are nice, we try to look good for you guys,” said Junior Megan Wood.

Remember to have a good time and don’t forget to be yourself! No one likes a fake. Your date wants to get to know you, not someone else. Have the confidence to be you and only you. No one else is exactly like you, so just be you.

“I’d say when you’re going on dates, just have fun with it and have a positive attitude no matter what happens! Make sure you pay attention to the person you’re there with. It’s no fun going on a date and having them not want to talk to you. Just have fun and be polite!” said Junior Katie Colvin.

Life happens. Your picnic might get rained out. The bowling alley might have closed an hour earlier than expected. Your sledding snow might have melted. That’s ok! Just make sure you have something else to do. That could be awkward to be on a date and have nothing to do.  

“Have a backup plan ALWAYS. Plan ahead and if you don’t just pretend like you did,” said Senior Andrew Dutson.

How much money you got?
By: Corbet Adams

You’ve been planning for weeks and now it’s finally the day. You wake up and the dance is a few hours away. But, as all dances go, you must have an amazing day of activities. Living here in Rexburg, there’s not much to do, but with your reputation at hand, you better pull out the cash?

Some of these dates consists of going to Fat Cats to bowl, watch a movie, and going golfing. So what’s the cash amount on just that? Well, one movie for you and your partner is $16, plus any snacks you may have wanted. A couple games of bowling, which would depend on how you pay, but let’s say two games, that’s $7. Now it’s time for mini golf, you buy one game for you and your partner, well that’s $7.50. Easily close to $50 just there.

Then you all go grab a bite to eat before the dance, and well you can’t just go to Mcdonalds and order off the dollar menu. So you head to Applebee’s, and depending on what you get, your bill can easily add up to $50. Now, we head to the dance and you buy tickets. Well that’s $25 right there. Finally you get to dance and have a good time. When the night is over, and your wallet has a big hole.

If you chose this route, you just spent well over $100 for one whole day of fun, and dancing. Group dates and school dances, they aren’t cheap and should always be thought about.  So I ask again, “How much money you got?”



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