One last time on the court


Photos’s courtesy of Standard Journal

Coaches and fans bid farewell to two top players on Senior Night.

Story by: Hailey Berry

Thursday was senior night for the Lady Bobcats and they took the court ready to play their last regular season game in 2016.  But before the game started, Seniors Sidney Burrell and Kiffin Keck were honored  as the only two seniors on the team. Their final game in their home gym was against Minico.

 The two seniors have made a big difference on the team this year and have put in many long hours to help them become the talented players they are on the court.

Kiffin has played basketball with her family and on city recreational leagues since the 3rd grade.

Kiffin says that one of the reason she plays basketball is her family has always been involved in basketball or at the gym shooting. Ever since she was little she has always watched her older siblings become basketball stars.

Kiffin’s favorite coach has been Madison’s head basketball coach Tracy Peterson. She will miss coach Peterson, the friends she has made on the team, and all of the memories the Keck has made with the rest of the girls. One of those teammates she will especially miss is Burrell.

“We play as one and are best friends,” said Keck about Burrell.

Burrell plays very aggressive when she is on the court and likes to make other players aware that she will do whatever it takes to steal the basketball and score moreIMG_2379 points for her team.

“Sidney plays all out, all the time, every where she goes. She never takes a play off,” said Junior Varsity Coach Mike Stansel.

She started playing basketball when she was in 3rd grade with her mom as her first coach. Burrell’s favorite basketball coach has been Mark Oliver. She will miss the girls she has come to know and Burrell said she will miss traveling with them.

The girls basketball  team has come a long way this season and are hopeful in their chances on going to going to state. They will have to play hard in districts with a
win/loss ratio of 13- 8 but with Keck and Burrell leading them, they should do just fine.  


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