New Advisor, New Yearbook

Mr. Prescott brings a whole new look to the yearbook

By: Sarah Paepke

It’s a new year, and Madison is getting a brand new yearbook! Larry Prescott, director of the photography program, has assumed the role of yearbook advisor. He is starting fresh by bringing new and creative techniques to the program.

He became interested in taking the position because he knew that his background in photography would be an asset to the yearbook.

“I’ve built a pretty good photography program over the years, so I had enough belief to think I could do the same thing with the yearbook, given enough time,” said Prescott.

Although he enjoys being the advisor, it’s not an easy task to run both the photography and yearbook programs at the same time. They both require a great deal of planning and thought. Prescott says he has spent 242 hours of extra time working with the yearbook’s online system so far.

Despite the challenges, he enjoys yearbook because it is similar to photography in the aspect of producing a physical product.

This annual will be very different than any yearbook we’ve seen before at Madison High. Changes have been made to the way that it is organized, and the way the program is run.

Photograph quality has been improved, thanks to Prescott’s background. He knows that it is important to involve photography students who have the right skills and knowledge to create images that are well composed, clear, and meaningful.

The layout and order of the yearbook has also taken a different route. It has been pretty traditional in years past, with sports and music sections, along with student life, clubs, and so on. Prescott explained that this year, the yearbook will have a much different organization style.

“Now, you may find a sports story at the beginning of the yearbook, or at the end of the yearbook! It’s divided into ideas, and each section has an idea such as Confidence,” said Prescott.

It will definitely be far from the traditional, predictable yearbook.



Old school isn’t the best school

By:  Bradley Hodgson


The yearbook this year is better than ever! Mr. Prescott is the editor for the yearbook this year and he’s made a few changes.

“We have become a lot more modernized, the year books before were a lot more of the traditional sections, and now we’re turning it to more of a modern yearbook.” said Senior Emma LeFevre

The yearbook of 2015-2016 will be not only edited differently, but the format of the yearbook will be completely new and exciting.

“In the past, yearbooks have always had  the same style, but we have more pictures, the style of the book is more of a magazine type.” said Senior Emma LeFebre

The yearbook for 2015-2016 is new, cool, and improved. The students at Madison High School will be blown away with the new yearbook design.



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