Madison receives $500 grant from Berry Oil Company

By: Sarah Paepke

Madison High School received a $500 grant from Berry Oil Company this past Friday, Jan. 22. It was decided by Valley Country Store, a customer of Berry Oil, that the grant would be given to Madison.

Matt Winder, retail site manager for Berry Oil explained that Valley wanted to support a local school.

“How it works is, we are a fuel distributor, and we service local convenience stores. Then, the local convenience stores team up with us an Exxon mobil to give these grants to schools that the local convenience stores choose,” said Winder.

The grant will be put towards Madison’s math and science programs, which was a decision influenced by Exxon mobil.

“Exxon pushes the math and science because most of the positions they hire for within their company are engineer and chemical type positions that have a math and science base,” said Winder.  

The money won’t be going toward anything too glamorous however.

“We use it for the supply budget, so any general school supplies is what it pays for,” said Principal Mike Bennett.

This grant, along with the growing relationship between Madison and local companies will be a great benefit for the school.


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