What Happens in the South Wing?

Featured Image: McKenzie A. Brown- Duct Tape Project, picture by: Halle Newhouse

By: Sofia Hayes

Clay, paint, and even duct tape is used to create art and produce masterpieces for students at Madison High School during art and ceramics classes.

These classes are unlike any other that Madison High School has to offer. Mr. Lauritsen is very passionate about the creative aspect of his classes. He focuses more on the effort and process of art than the result.

“Displaying art, for me, is not about the ‘best’ in the class. It’s about displaying the individual and their efforts. This class has a lot to offer. I love that you don’t have to be afraid of failing. Although there are specific assignments, we are not leading you to the same answer. It’s individual; it’s so personal. I think everyone should take art! It gives you a sense of confidence. It’s a relaxing atmosphere,” said Mr. Lauritsen.

“I like to create things and use my imagination. It’s my favorite class to take!” said Junior Brooklyn Niederer.

Art and ceramics are great classes to take for those seeking for the learning aspect of high school without the stress.

“You get to put yourself into each project. Even if you get a specific assignment, you can still put your creativity into it. You also don’t have to worry about stupid homework; this is just fun homework. It’s really fun, relaxing, and you don’t have to stress out about it.” said Junior Emma Wengreen.


Ceramic Turtle, picture by: Halle Newhouse

Side Story:

Living the Art Life

By: Megan Gehmlich

The art and ceramics program at our school is amazing and it needs more recognition. Art and Ceramics teacher,  Mr. Lauritsen believes that every single student at Madison High School  is capable of creating something unique and beautiful, even if they aren’t the most talented art student around.

“Growing up, art was one of the only things that I felt truly successful at. At first I wasn’t always really good at art, but it was something I loved and grew to appreciate over time. Being in charge of what you create is really an amazing and rewarding thing.” said Mr. Lauritsen.

Ceramics and art are unlike any other classes at madison high school. These courses encourage individuality and teach students the importance of creativity and dedication.


Displayed Hand Project-Lucy Hacking & Makena Anderson, picture by:Halle Newhouse

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