My Ultimate Summer Playlist


The end of the school year is upon us and with it: summer! I can’t believe it has finally come. No more stressing about assignments, pulling more than your own weight in group projects, and studying for extremely long tests only to put “C” for every answer. 

Without teachers’ “no Airpods” rules, I find myself consuming music double time during the summer. I figured I would put together an ultimate summer playlist for you that will help jumpstart your summer listening. Along with providing the ultimate summer playlist, I’ve taken the liberty of recommending the perfect activity to accompany each song. There is also a Spotify link to the playlist below 🙂

Someday -The Strokes

For road tripping with friends. I recommend blasting this one with the windows down!

As It Was -Harry Styles

For shamelessly white-girl dancing alone in your room. I’m not ashamed of my dancing and neither should you be!

Should’ve Been Me -Mitski

For when you go to the pool and feel jealous of the life guard’s perfect tan.

catalyst -hazel paul

To deal with the feelings of FOMO when you look at your former best friend’s Instagram. Side note: I am aware of my narcissism, but I figured I might as well plug my own song. 

Shut up My Moms Calling -Hotel Ugly

For when you sneak out of the house 😉 don’t pretend you haven’t done it!

The Adults Are Talking -The Strokes

For singing along to even though you only know two lines: “Don’t go there ‘cause you’ll never return. I know you’ll think of me when you think of her.”

Knock Me Off My Feet -SOAK

I’m not sure why, but I always listen to SOAK when I mow the lawn. I guess you could do the same. Listen to this song while you mow the lawn, why not?!

Why Am I Like This? -Orla Gartland

For the post-party recap of all the cringy things you said that you give yourself while driving home. Just me? Okay, nevermind. 

Celebrate -the moss

For contemplating life while waiting for your friends to respond to your “wanna do smth?” text. The first line even says, “Why the hell am I at home? All my friends are gone and it only makes me feel alone.”

I Liked It Better When We Were Friends -Sweet Tangerine

To scream along with after a rough breakup with your significant other. Music always helps with breakups. 

Archie, Marry Me -Alvvays

For your post-breakup rebound. Get over them, find somebody new, and listen to this song!

Kilby Girl -The Backseat Lovers

For singing and dancing around your house when you are supposed to be cleaning 🙂

Don’t Go Dark -Bleachers

For stargazing. This song is such a subtle bop. Gosh it’s good. Stargazing to this would be the most wholesome thing you could do.

Willie’s Song -the moss

For picnics with friends. I think that would be adorable <3