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MHS Hosts the Madison Invitational Debate Tournament

Keegan Andrus

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This past weekend on January 26th and 27th MHS Speech and Debate team hosted the Madison Invitational, a debate tournament to help prepare for other tournaments.

While most students used this invitational tournament as practice for later more important and bigger tournaments, some were seeking more practice and found success.

“I placed fourth, and broke to supers in Congress,” Senior Abby Reeser said, “I’m hoping to trophy at Blackfoot this coming weekend, and Benson thinks with a little tweaking my speech could kill it at nat quals and get me to nationals which is a much more liberal circuit where my speech about feminism will be better received.”

Not only are tournaments meant for practice for other more important tournaments, but you get to meet new people.

“Honestly it’s been really great to befriend people from other schools and then to hang out with them at tournaments,” Junior Aubree Gordon said.

As a team the MHS Speech and Debate team focuses on preparation.

“We only had four events that we didn’t have anyone break to finals in. So Benson wanted to stick it to the man from all these crazy allegations and legal garbage with Oliver [Hancock] and Keegan [Wolfe], and other teams trying to bully ours,” MHS Speech and Debate Team Captain Rosie Mckamey said, “So to show that our team wasn’t about only winning and that we just wanted to better ourselves and do well so Benson crossed all of our names so we couldn’t qualify for sweeps at all. And we still killed it and did amazing.”


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MHS Hosts the Madison Invitational Debate Tournament